Quick Rundown of Our Time in Hudson

Two summers ago we did a really great long weekend in Hudson, NY. We finally made it back this past weekend (WHAT took us so long?) for a quick day trip. It is a glorious part of New York. And I sure know that it won’t be another 2 years before we visit again.

Some Things We Did

Spotty Dog Books & Ale - A quaint mom and pop bookstore. It also has a beer focused bar inside. I had to drink my beer while also keeping my eye on my kids, but if I were in Hudson alone, I would spend hours here drinking and reading and absolutely loving life.

Love Apple Farm - An adorable little U-Pick farm right outside Hudson proper. The property includes a farmer’s market and prepared foods counter, a “U-Pick” farm section and some playground equipment to make the kiddies happy. On our 2017 visit, it was cherry picking season. Yum!

Grieg Farm - Located in nearby Red Hook, Grieg Farm features an indoor farmers market, a family of lovely goats and, at the time of our most recent visit, strawberry picking. It was a nice stop for the girls.

Warren Street - The main drag in Hudson is on Warren Street. If you’re visiting as a group of adults or with just babies in strollers, definitely spend a lot of time checking out the many cool shops and eateries on and around Warren Street. Unfortunately, we were visiting with animal like children who would not let us shop if their lives depended on it.

Some Things We Ate and Drank

Moto Coffee Machine - This place rocked! At the time of our 2017 visit, I had no idea that motorcycle store coffee shops were a “thing” but even if they are, this was a good one. The owner and workers were so warm and friendly to our kiddies and the owner even humored my husband’s dorky motorcycle questions. Besides the cool looking moto gear, tasty coffee and chill kid-and-dog friendly vibes, Moto has another hidden weapon. The owner’s girlfriend stops by each morning to make delicious Belgian waffles.

Bonfiglio and Bread - Previously in Hudson, this well regarded bread bakery closed down shortly before our 2017 visit. So when we went back up this past weekend, I made sure we drove the 10 or 15 minutes out of the way to Athens, NY to hit Bonfiglio and Bread. We were not disappointed. Their bread products are fabulous. I’d say this a MUST STOP when in the area.

Backbar - This was our first meal in Hudson back in 2017 and for lunch with kids it worked perfectly. We sat outside in the eclectic yard. The kids ran around because it was empty and we had some booze and Asian small plates. The chef here, Zak Pelaccio, also owns Fish and Game in Hudson and previously owned a few NYC spots like Fatty Crab.

Gaskins - Simply delicious. Get there early to avoid a wait. Locally sourced, wonderfully prepared dishes. Fantastic service and a charming space. It’s just wonderful. We saw plenty of kids in our early hour and all five kiddies at our table crushed their macaroni and cheese. The money move is to eat here after hitting the Chef’s brother’s nearby rockstar brewery (more on that below).

Hudson Food Studio - Very good Asian fusion food in a fairly kid friendly, but still kinda hip for adults environment. Lucky for me, my girls live for white rice and dumplings.

Grazin - Farm to table burgers and more in an old diner car setting. Very kid friendly and very tasty. It has been a few years and I still remember we had an awesome waiter here.

Suarez Family Brewery - If you are into craft beer, you already know Suarez Family Brewery. If you are not into craft beer, you SHOULD still get to know Suarez Family Brewery. A “mom and pop” brewer-owned brewery, Suarez opened in 2016, bringing along some serious beer cred with it. If you are looking to crush some lagers, pilsners or country beers this summer, there is NO place better to do it in our area. When all the other breweries are focusing on IPAs, Suarez Family and its beautiful taproom, are a breath of fresh air. I can’t think of a better day spent than drinking at Suarez Family Brewery and then heading to the brewer’s brother’s spot, Gaskins, for a delicious dinner.

Or Gallery and Tavern - This spot is not exactly meant for kids but we hit it for an early pre-dinner drink one night. The warm weather allowed us to sit outside on their front patio away from adults looking for peace. Very cool spot that would’ve been awesome to visit sans kids.

Verdigris Tea & Chocolate Bar - This chocolate and tea shop on Warren Street was a quick walk from Or Gallery so the ladies took the kiddies here while the men finished up their drinks. It seemed kinda adult and stuffy for a chocolate shop, so being with four kids, we raced through it a bit. Each kid got a bag of chocolate to keep them happy. Obviously.

NOTE: This post updates the prior May 23, 2017 post to include our visit to Hudson on June 15, 2019.