Pip’s Island 

Pip’s Island is back and here to stay. Join Pip, Pebble, Finn and friends on their expedition to save Pip’s Island from a villain and his pack of moles. This is not a show you take sitting down. No, this is highly immersive, interactive theater (think “Sleep No More” but for the elementary school aged kids). Kid explorers (joined by their assistant explorers - aka the parents) travel through several dazzling and high tech rooms, where they will face exciting challenges and meet new performers, characters and even puppets. As the kids progress through the journey to save Pip’s Island, they will also learn a few things about teamwork and problem solving. The show is a blast, very high tech and beautifully done. My girls and everyone on “Expedition 12” with us loved it. If you have kids around age 4 to 9, this is very much worth the price of admission.

Pip’s Island is located at 400 West 42nd Street. Timed shows are offered throughout the day on Monday from 2pm-7pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm-7pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-7pm. Closed Tuesdays. Advance tickets are required and certain showtimes are cheaper than others . See the website for details. Note that kids will be walking through the entire performance and no strollers are allowed. There is decent seating in each of the rooms for the parents to sit. No photography is allowed during the performance - which is actually awesome. Pip’s Island is a permanent show so no rush to get there.