Soar to New Heights at iFly Westchester

Rain, sleet, snow or hail, you can always take to the skies at iFLY Westchester. Head to Yonkers’ Ridge Hill, where folks of any and all abilities can spread their wings and soar in a vertical wind tunnel at iFLY. A trained flight instructor accompanies each participant inside the wind tunnel, and all guests are required to take a training session before their first flight or if they haven’t flown in awhile. Through hand signals and instructor demonstrations, first time flyers learn the proper way to position their bodies for flight. With more experience, guests can move onto new heights and new tricks.

iFLY offers several packages, beginning at a 2 flight minimum (each flight is about 1-2 minutes in the wind tunnel per guest), as well as a few extras, such as “VR” flights for guests aged 6 to 70, and High Flight, where guests can fly higher and faster with an instructor than they would have flown on their own. We were too scared to try High Flight this time, but no doubt we want to go back and do it.

It was a real thrill and treat to try iFLY and it will only be more fun next time!