5 Places I Want To Go Without Kids This Summer

Where do I begin? Paris? South Africa? Tokyo? Ok, I’d love to go a lot of places without kids but a list of achievable goals might be more useful. It’s not surprising that these choices mostly include alcohol. 

  1. The Red Pony: Somehow a wine and cocktail bar opened in nearby Rye early this year and I only just learned about it. The suburbs are supremely lacking in cocktail bars so this is very exciting news. 

  2. Broken Shaker at the Freehand: While I’m guessing the vibe at the NYC location cannot possibly beat the actual tropical ambiance at the Miami original, I’m also not one to turn down  “the perfect blend of elixirs, syrups and infusions.” 

  3. The Polynesian: The Major Food Group guys are prolific and everywhere. Their latest venture is a tiki bar smack in the middle of Times Square. I am probably at my happiest at a tiki bar so this is something I will not pass up. Yes, please.

  4. Transmitter Brewing: On last fall’s trip to PDX I decided that I loved Saisons. Almost a year later, I’m no expert but I know I still like the taste of the Saisons I’ve tried and I really don’t like IPAs. Saisons tend to be fruity and usually include some sort of spice like coriander or ginger. Transmitter Brewing in LIC specializes in Belgian and French Farmhouse ales - an Urban Farmhouse Brewery that’s “Always Well Received”. A perfect adult day would be to spend a few hours there and then walk the 7 minutes over to Casa Enrique for some Michelin starred Mexican. A girl can dream.

  5. Una Pizza Napoletana: Somewhere around 2007 I had the best pizza of my life at Una Pizza Napoletana. A few years later, the Chef/Owner closed down in NY and opened up shop in SF. But as of this April, Una Pizza is back in NY and this time, Chef Mangieri has partnered with the ultra talented Wildair/Contra chefs. I am so crazy excited to get here.