Sparklicious is Precious

If your kid loves all things pink and glitter, take them to Sparklicious in Mount Kisco ASAP. My goodness is this place adorable. My younger daughter - who very much falls into the pink glitter category - was made to feel like royalty here. And I was just super jealous the whole time.

What is Sparklicious

For about two years, Sparklicious has occupied the a corner of Mount Kisco’s huge and awesome Grand Prix race track, bowling and arcade facility. This setup is perfect. No matter your kids’ preferences or genders, there is something for everyone here. On our visit, we arrived about a half hour before Sparklicious drop in hours began, which gave us some time to hit the arcade. It is really a great arcade and facility by the way - even better than when I last visited a few years ago.

Now back to Sparklicious. In a nutshell, Sparklicious is a place that celebrates sparkle. Several activities are offered, some are “crafts” and some are “glamour.” You pay per activity - there is no studio fee just to enter.  Sparklicious has Open Studio Hours from 10:30am to 1pm every Saturday (see below for other drop in hours), which gives parents quite a nice chunk of time to drop by on a whim when their kid is in need of pampering!

Sparklicious Glamour

We were greeted by adorable staff who gave us a quick run down of the space. My little one was drawn  immediately to the glamour activities.

Sparklicious offers the following glamour experiences, all of which my girl wanted: Feathers or Jewels in Hair ($5), Sparkle Tattoo ($5), Shimmer Me Shine Makeup Application ($12.99) and a Sparkle Manicure ($15). When I called prior to our visit, I was told that manicures required an advance appointment, however we were able to still get her nails done without an appointment.

Each of the glamour activities was adorably precious and for each one, my daughter was given her choice of color or style. She loved being pampered and she honestly looked beautiful when it was all finished. And YES I really, really wanted my own glitter tattoo, and for just $5, I should’ve gotten one.

Sparklicious Crafts

During those same Open Studio hours, Sparklicious also offers crafting options. There are what I would call more “typical” crafts, like pottery painting ($12.99-$22 - note this one requires that you to come back another day to pick up the finished product) and wooden boards to paint ($18).

And continuing with the glamour theme, Sparklicious offers lotions, body glitter sand art and lip gloss (each $7) to be made from scratch. Kids can also make a Sparkle Bracelet ($12.99) or DIY Pop Soap ($18).

We opted to make the body glitter sand art and when my girl finished, the staff bagged it up so sweetly for her to take home.

Sparklicious also offers “Batch from Scratch” group activities that take from 35 to 55 minutes to complete and require advance reservations. There is Lip Gloss Batch from Scratch ($38 per batch, makes 10 jars of gloss), Sugar Scrub Batch from Scratch ($68 per batch, makes 10 jars of scrub) and Soap Batch from Scratch ($50 per batch, makes 6 soap bars). I would love to come back with my girls and some of their friends to try one of these.  On our visit, we saw a group of elementary school aged ladies making lip gloss from scratch.

More Sparklicious Offerings

Sparklicious offers on-premise birthday parties and off-site craft and glamour stations. They will have camp programming this summer, too.  I also recommend following along on Instagram, as Sparklicious regularly hosts drop-off “Princess Academy” for ages 3 to 6 years and “Sparkle Club” for older kids during school holidays and breaks.

Besides swooning over all the glitter and sparkles, I loved the staff at Sparklicious. The women were so warm and lovely and patient with the little ones. I think my kid really did feel special during her visit.

And on her way out, she got to pick a candy from the charming candy cart! What a precious morning!


Sparklicious is located at 333 N. Bedford Road in Mount Kisco, NY inside Grand Prix New York. Drop in Open Studio hours are offered on Thursdays from 2:30pm to 5:30pm, Fridays from 2pm to 4:30pm and Saturdays from 10:30am to 1pm. Other times are reserved for parties.