I Want [Economy] Candy

The song may go, “I Want Candy” but in my house, it’s the kiddies that always want candy. Morning, noon and night. I’m much more of a salty than sweet gal but I know that for many folks - young and old - candy is heavenly.

If you love candy, then you MUST hit up the iconic and classic NY candy shop, Economy Candy on Rivington Street.

This is nothing like your local candy store or that flashy, modern Dylan’s Candy Bar. Economy Candy was founded in 1937 by Morris “Moishe” Cohen and his brother in law from what was previously a shoe and hat repair store. It’s classic New York and one of the few Lower East Side remnants of the past that remains today. This vintage vibe is what I love most about the store.


But what I also love about Economy Candy is hinted at in its name. Economy Candy is wall to wall bulk candies priced very reasonably. Grab a basket up front and go to town stocking up on anything and everything sweet. Start at the front windows where you can find the store’s collection of  “penny candies” - fun sized and sold for just $3.99/ pound. From there check out the large bulk bags ranging from $18 for 5 pounds and $20 for 8 pounds.

Economy Candy sells a lot your children’s favorite candies of today. But it also sells a lot of YOUR favorite candies from YOUR childhood. I had some intense childhood flashbacks this past weekend when I spotted Charms Hard Candies at the register.

The vintage candy selection is only matched by the store’s selection of candies from abroad - you’ll find Turkish Halvah, British Cadbury products, Italian Leone candies and a whole selection of German Haribo gummies at Economy Candy, just to name a few.

There’s a wall of Jelly Belly jelly beans in the back of the store and walls of chocolates and nuts by the register. There are those huge 8 pound bags of assorted candy (perfect for Trick Or Treaters!) And there’s all kinds of novelty candies and toys to match the excitement of the store. On this past weekend’s trip, my girls managed to each nauseate me with some of their choices: the older one selected an Effrutti Lunch Bag and the younger one got Gerrit’s Satellite Wafers - both NOT my cup of tea. In fact, what probably appeals to me most in the store is all the adorable branded Economy Candy merch for sale. So cute.  

Milk chocolate coins are more my speed

If you can’t make it to the Lower East Side, Economy Candy does ship nationally from its website. But most of the fun comes from a visit. The brick and mortar store is an experience and an attraction in itself - much more than just a candy shop. And it’s a great way to bribe your kiddies into doing something more adult before or after :-)

Economy Candy is open daily until 6pm. It opens at 10am on Mondays and Saturdays and 9am every other day.